Due to my pathetic inability to post at least one every two weeks, I’ve decided to include some short form elements on my blog. At least three times a week, I will try (<—operative word) to post links to others’ art, designs, articles, music, etc. that inspires me.

So today, I’ll honor the October spirit by sharing with you Tim Burton’s September 2009 Editorial for Harper Bazaar – a good source of inspiration for those still assembling or making Halloween costumes. A few photographs from the editorial are featured below; interspersed with  les soupçon of Burton

“My life is my life because of Tim. Definitely.” – Johnny Depp

“Any fable or fairytale has some sort of reality in it. That’s why I think I love the form of fantasy or fairytale, is that you’re able to kind of put things in there and let people sort of, discover their own emotion, discover their own sort of feelings about things. Or make their own lessons from it.” – Tim Burton